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Custom Real Estate Service

Custom Real Estate ServiceCustom Real Estate Service

Tom Marchese, P.eng, PMP, Broker of Record


Client Commitments

  1. To be driven by integrity.  Always! 
  2. To present all factors for consideration so you can buy or sell with confidence, in a pressure-free environment. 
  3. To be a total solutions provider by maintaining a reliable network of industry related professionals. 
  4. By always seeking out new education and training, we relentlessly improve the value we offer you

Our Service

From Full Service Brokerage to Commission Free, and everything in between!  We offer Custom Service options that match your goals, and expectations.


We pride ourselves in being savvy negotiators.  We use a principled-based negotiation approach to get to the best possible result.  As you would expect, our Full Service commission rates include this valuable option.  However, maybe you are a savvy negotiator, and feel you don't require that part of our service ... so why pay a Full Service commission rate for a service you don't want?


Our marketing approach leverages every available tool to Real Estate Brokerages.  We use professional photographers, build virtual tours, MLS listing, Face-Book campaigns, home staging, and text-lead capture.  What if you don't want an open house because you have extremely valuable items in your home and you're worried about security?  We can remove that option from the service ... and the commission rate is reflective of that service option exclusion.


Commission Free listings are flat rate MLS postings.  If you're prepared to do all the work, and all you need is exposure on, we have a service option for that, too!


Listing Your Property

We don't just put a sign on your front yard and hope for the best.  We put a lot of work into determining a strategic price based on overall market conditions, your specific goals, our knowledge of the area, and the condition of your home.


Our optional two phase marketing approach is designed to put more of the selling value in your pocket.


Purchasing Your Next Property

No pressure!  Nobody works harder than us to find a property that suits your goals.  We provide detailed market analysis, and investment intelligence so that you can make an informed decision.


Contact us to learn more!


Value Added Service

Buyers and sellers can view properties online, so what value do we, as REALTORS®, really add to a real estate transaction?

1. True Milestones agents are highly skilled negotiators.

We are trained and experienced in negotiation, and our instinct to say the right things at the right time can make your transaction a great success. When it comes to getting a fair price and a good deal, you want a professional that knows how to represent your interests during a real estate transaction.

2. We have inside knowledge

We know about ALL local listings - new to the market, price reduced, sold, expired, and historical data including "days on market" - and can explain why certain homes have sold for more/less.

3. We know how to make the market work for you

When your career is working directly with home buyers and sellers, your knowledge of the current market and statistics is second-to-none. Is there a type of home more buyers are currently looking for? Is there an up-and-coming neighbourhood that's about to take off? What helps sell a home faster and for more money? Ask us!

4. We make the legal process flow

Real estate transactions are full of detailed legal documents and conditions that are strict. Not having the right forms, knowing the right language to use for each condition of the sale, or overlooking an unexpected contract term can make you miss a sale or, worse, end up in legal trouble. We know the process inside-out and will explain each detail to you.

5. We know what the best deal looks like - for you

You want the best price in a specific market today. We know the best timing for sales and emerging trends in your area that aren't captured in the current prices of homes. There are many aspects of a home that have hidden value and are often missed!

6. We will advise you on improvements to make, staging tips, pricing strategies, and offer you exceptional service to make the whole process as exciting and positive as it should be.

7. Project and Contract Management offer by our Broker of Record, Tom Marchese

Minor Home Improvement items can make a major impact on value in the eyes of a buyer.  Examples include small wall and ceiling damage, broken tiles, and damaged caulking around windows and sinks.  If these deficiencies are not addressed, a prospective buyer may be discouraged if a comparable property is available.  We offer to Project Manage minor Home Improvement projects to maximize the appeal of your home!

8. Our Team

When you hire True Milestones for your real estate needs, you get a team of people with the highest of quality standards working for you! 

We're always happy to answer your real estate questions, feel free to give us a call anytime.


Market Exposure

Clients approach us desiring the same thing: the best price for their home, in the shortest time.  There are two main factors in selling a home: Price and Exposure.

Our expertise lies in determining strategic property valuations that reflect the goals of our clients.  Here are ways we ensure our clients' homes reach the most buyers:

1. Positioning their homes in front of almost millions of active home searchers on various social media platforms every month, on top of the usual online sources, like

2. Their homes rank high on local, online searches by providing each listing with its own unique web address and targeted online ads.

3. Not only do we know the needs of active buyers within the area, we converse with a wide network of nearby agents to expand the number of buyers we can contact exponentially.

If you're curious about the local market or the value of your home today, please contact us any time.


Market Value Report


We're often contacted by home sellers who want to know the value of their home because it's vital when they go to market. However, there are other uses for a market value report whether you're selling or staying.

Here are 5 examples:
1. Want to renovate?
The report can help you determine which projects will increase your home's value the most.
2. Why are nearby homes selling? And, for how much?
You can see the "for sale" and "sold" signs up, but your report will give you an idea of market prices and nearby home features.
3. What types of homes are buyers looking for today?
The report will help you time your sale by providing insight into current home sales.
4. Is it the right time to move up or downsize?
See how markets are trending to get the best deal on a new home and your own sale.
5. Do I have equity that I can enjoy?
The report can show you refinancing opportunities.

We're happy to provide home value assessment reports at no cost: it's our job to know your market.
Contact us anytime with your real estate questions.