The real estate industry has changed for service agents.
You’ve seen it, and perhaps even competed against it …. LOW commission, NO commission, FLAT fee, and then there is the Super Star agent in your area. How can you win?
Bottom line is you need to be able to adapt very quickly, and work for a brokerage that has creative options to support your fight for business.
We serve the GTA and surrounding areas, and we are fully engaged in your professional and personal growth every step of the way.  Our business model is built upon a remote office service.  This means that overhead cost is low, and we create the flexibility that allows us to adjust to our client needs like no other brokerage.
With True Milestones,
Clients are attracted to us because we implement a disciplined approach while having the agility to customize a plan to their specific needs.
As a Brokerage, we invest in YOUR SUCCESS, and give you tools you can use to fight for business.
In order to SUCCEED as a Real Estate Sales Representative, you must be:
Active RECO Real Estate License OR in the process of completing the final phase of the real estate license courses is a MUST
Our References:
We understand that if you decide to contact us, it is an interview on both sides of the table! You are interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing you. In light of this, we will invite you to speak to our references. That’s right, we have clients and business partners that have such confidence in our brokerage that they are happy to speak to you on our behalf. Be sure to ask this of ANY brokerage you are interviewing!
Read more about our client references in our Testimonials section